Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Khroler's Camellia Thea

This is the picture of Camellia Sinensis from Kohler's Medicinal Plants. It is a high quality JPEG file of a decidedly beautiful piece of chromolithograpy, and one of my favorite plants. You can find it at the Wikipedia tea page.


I bought this handsome 2 volume set while in Guangzhou. I had seen it in Hong Kong, but didn't buy it due to the hefty price: $420 HK, which is more than $60US. When I saw it again on my way back through Guangzhou I knew I was fated to buy the book, so I went ahead and splurged. It is really not terribly expensive for a two volume set of over 1000 pages with notes on all the texts. All texts are in Traditional Graphs, just the way they were written.

I hope to translate and post some texts from this book soon. I have started on the "record of clarifications on water," (大明水记) but no progress recently.