Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CCTV 7 - Dancong Wulong

Today I want to share a link for a video.  It is all in Chinese, but I will summarize the audio below so people who can't speak Chinese will be able to tell whats going on.  I think some of the video would be enjoyable even if you can't understand the audio.

This video is from CCTV (China Central Television, not closed circuit TV) Channel 7, one of my favorite TV channels.  By watching CCTV 7 you can learn how to grow crops, how to raise pigs, chickens etc.  They have shows on everything having to do with agriculture or the Chinese military.

This video explores the tea of Chaozhou: Fenghuang Dancong.

I have published my translation of the audio as a Google document here, it is too long to put into the blog. You shouldn't need an account to view it.  It might be a good idea to print out the translation and read along as you watch the video on full screen.  I couldn't see the time elapsed when not in full screen mode.

For best results open the video with Internet Explorer.  It does not work with Firefox, or Google Chrome.  It seems to work with Opera and Safari. The streaming video might not be so good outside of China.

The video can also be found at:

However, the commercials have been cut out, so my elapsed time notations would have to be modified.


Thomas said...

Thanks a lot for this video and the translation!
very intersting...

I opened my best dan cong box and make a gong fu cha with for the occasion: a MO LI XIANG coming from an old tea tree (more than 2 century)

Anonymous said...

The video link doesn't seem to work anymore.

Will Slack said...

Thanks, Thomas. I am afraid the video didn't have tons of new information for a seasoned Dancong drinker, but I thought it was fun to watch. Some of the family argument scenes seem a bit staged, but as I don't understand their dialect, I can't be sure.

I have edited the post. The link does work, but no Firefox support. I also posted two other links for people who for any reason can't access the first.