Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fujian Wuyi Mountain

Tomorrow I leave for Wuyishan at 10 AM.  I am perhaps a little bit too excited, but that's probably understandable to anyone who would read one of these tea blogs.  Unfortunately another Typhoon - Jangmi - is hitting Taiwan today.  Wenzhou, where I live, is almost right across the strait from Taiwan, fortunately Wuyi is farther inland.  I should be fine, although the weather might be lousy.  I hope they do alright in Taiwan, this one is supposed to be stronger than the last.

I am continuing a long and illustrious tradition of tea bloggers on my journey. In preparation I consulted blogs and received many helpful replies to my inquiries from those who have gone before. Some of the blogs I found useful were these two from Chadao: post one and post two
And also a nice blog (short) describing a trip to Wuyi in Oct, 2007.  Just under one year ago.
There are of course many Chinese resources, blog posts, tea chat type sites, company websites, etc.  

I have had fun planning my trip to Wuyi, and hopefully will have even more fun starting tomorrow, or at least the day after. Although according to my map Wenzhou is only 260 KM from Wuyishan as the bird flies, the Lonely Planet guidebook says the bus ride is 12 hours.  That makes an average of about 22KM per hour.  I'm hoping that either Lonely Planet is wrong or outdated.  I have a sinking feeling that its right and the road is not very direct.  I don't think there are any direct flights.  It would probably take only 20-30 minutes by plane.

Thanks very much to everyone who wrote blog posts about their trips and those who gave advice via email.

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Salsero said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about the trip!