Sunday, November 9, 2008

Guangyun Gong Is No Longer Pu'er

I translated an article about new regulations on using the name Pu'er. As the title of the article states, the famous Guangyun Gong recipe of the Guangdong Import Export Company can no longer be called pu'er under these regulations. To read the full translation of the article please visit this link


Brett said...

Semantics is an interesting subject and I can appreciate that the folks in Yunnan would want a solid definition.

So shall we now call Guangyun Gong: "A pu'er style beverage" ?

I enjoy reading your translation posts!

Xiexie Ni!

Will Slack said...

We could call Guangyun Gong whatever we wanted as long as we aren't selling it in China! Actually I would support this regulation because Pu'er is just the name of a county (now a prefecture) and there are lots of compressed tea products from many places in China. If you're interested in tea history, you probably know that compressed tea has been around for at least 1300 years.

You could call it 紧压茶 tightly compressed tea.
you could call it 圆茶 round tea
or 沱茶,方茶 etc. depending on its shape.

Thanks for your nice comment, its great to know someone is reading these things!