Thursday, November 20, 2008

Organic Tea Garden

This past weekend I visited an organic tea garden near Yantou town, Yongjia County, Wenzhou prefecture. The elevation was around 600 meters, which is high for the area. I like an organic farm at the top of a mountain because there's no chance of pesticide runoff from other farms. The second picture is of a newly planted area, therefore it is not so nice looking. The grow the wuniuzao varietal which is made into green tea.


Stephane said...

This year, a tea farmer pointed my attention to the grass between the tea bushes. The visible difference between his organic and non-organic crops was the presence of grass and other plants in his organic field. There, no herbicide is used.

Bret said...

Beautiful Tea Garden. Have you ever tried any of this tea?

Will Slack said...

@ Stephane
They said the same thing in this tea garden about the weeds, and sure enough there were plenty.

@ Bret
I haven't had any from this particular garden yet, but I will next spring! Wuniuzao (the varietal grown here) is processed much like Xihu longjing.